Past and present Paris-based punk shenanigans

Soon to be reviewed, sleaze-infused gritty garagey hardcore My Dad’s a Fuckin’ Alcoholic LP by The Frantix reissued on Alternative Tentacles.

garagesihaveknown said: Also, the artist is Joe Schenkman

Thanks, I first thought the cartoonist was John Holmstrom from what I assumed was his style of drawing based on this fanzine front page : 

granmachismo said: That punk generation thing is from an old issue of National Lampoon magazine. I recognize it from looking through my dads collection haha

So it seems then. Cheers mate, a friend of mine told me the artist was John Holmstrom, the cartoonist also known as the founder of Punk in the mid 70s. Do you reckon it could be him ?