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garagesihaveknown said: Also, the artist is Joe Schenkman

Thanks, I first thought the cartoonist was John Holmstrom from what I assumed was his style of drawing based on this fanzine front page : 

granmachismo said: That punk generation thing is from an old issue of National Lampoon magazine. I recognize it from looking through my dads collection haha

So it seems then. Cheers mate, a friend of mine told me the artist was John Holmstrom, the cartoonist also known as the founder of Punk in the mid 70s. Do you reckon it could be him ? 

The Modern Pets latest 7’’ is a cure to all modern ailments


The very last time I saw the Berlin’s Modern Pets I came close to a near-death experience as the joints in my neck were so stiff from headbanging it felt as if my head was coming off. This, me fellow punkers is one the ailments you’re likely to get from beer-infused gigs. The only way I could sort this out was to drunkenly be headed off to the record shop the very next day and next thing you know I rewarded myself with this gem of a 7’’ : B.I.Y.S. Modern Pets. The Modern Pets aren’t exactly a cure to my everyday-life problems but if anything they gently soothe my depressions bouts. All their records from LPs to EPs mostly do and better than any other bands - well apart from The Golden Pelicans.

I’ve yet to find out what B.I.Y.S. stands for but for now I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about it. is no different from their previous releases stylewise. The may have done away with the Agent Orange influences that steered their last album Sorry Thanks towards a surf-sounding type of punk, but all in all it remains the same rager of ‘77 punk. Needless to say the band is quite probably the most consistent in the whole of Europe and will remain so if they carry on that way - And I bloody hope they do.

Both tracks are just fucking A and ring many bells to the connoisseur’s ears, kinda merry gathering of mongloïds featuring early Gen X, Buzzcocks, The Kids and pretty much all the bands that  recently got labelled as 77/Killed By Death punk - not in a bad way though. As always, great vocals, super fast-paced drumming crystal-clear yet brash and fuzzy guitars and no songs longer than the punk 2:30 format. Just pure bliss.

Funnily enough, I may have serious ear bleeding as my eardrums pop out from listening to those tunes all day fucking round. Cheers my dear all-time favorite Krauts.


Listen to the record here.

B.I.Y.S. 7’’ is now out on Secret Mission Records.